Frequently Asked Questions


 01  What is is a platform to promote women-owned business.​



 02  Why is there a need for


Along with Shelley Zalis, acknowledges that while a woman alone has power; collectively women can have impact in, what is predominantly a male-oriented business world. The need for this platform stems from years of challenges and frustrations experienced by women-owned businesses trying to carve an existence for itself in a male-oriented IT industry for nearly a decade. We believe that by raising women-owned business up through the power of collaboration, we can change the imbalances and challenges facing us.

This initiative invites business women, female innovators and entrepreneurs to engage around business-related matters, but men who support the need to develop women-owned business are invited to engage as well. aims to create an expedient repository of women-owned businesses where corporates and other organisations can conveniently source and engage these women-owned businesses.

This platform strives to overcome some of the hurdles where supply-chain and procurement departments often struggle to find women-owned businesses and consequently simply default towards easy-to-reach male-owned businesses and offer them the business opportunities. We wish to form closer connections between these agents and women-owned businesses. We see access to market and networks as one of the key barriers preventing women-owned businesses from advancing. 


 03  What is the philosophy behind


Our platform is premised on two fundamental philosophies, namely, UBUNTU and the Shine Theory. Roughly translated, UBUNTU conveys the message, “I am because we are” and promotes the idea of humanity towards others. The Shine Theory, on the other hand, is a practice of mutual investment in each other. It suggests that if one helps someone be their best self, they will give their help in return. 


Shine Theory is Intentional. It is Accountable. It is Personal. The proponents Aminatou Sow & Ann Friedman of Shine Theory believe that “I don’t shine if you don’t shine.” 

Consequently, all the women-owned businesses listed on our platform is hosted at no cost and do not pay any subscription fees (Intentional). In the spirt of the Shine Theory, we encourage our women-owned businesses to be Accountable. Once they have secured business opportunities from this platform they can contribute a self-determined donation to the sustainability of this platform so that other women-owned businesses can in turn generate business. It is a Personal choice to help someone else become their best self!

At the same time, organisations who make use of do not pay any fees to access the women-owned businesses. These organisations are also encouraged to donate to the platform, to ensure its sustainability and promote the idea of humanity towards others.

 04  How to sign up?

Simply fill out our Sign Up Form and we will process your application within 24 hours. 

 05  A message to corporates and other organizations.


Contact us ​if you are interested in donating to this platform to ensure its sustainability and promote Women-Owned Businesses.